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The Argentina Pakistan Silobag Company was recently inscribed in Pakistan as a Private Limited company, with the aim to provide best in class storage solutions for agricultural products.

Keeping in mind grain and silage storage limitations within the country, Argentine and Pakistani partners decided to introduce the fastest growing storage system in the world, used by farmers, millers, traders and many more.

Argentina develops the latest technology in silobags, being the largest producer and consumer at the same time. ARPACO brings the finest technology and know-how to Pakistan, combined with a deep understanding of local agriculture dynamics.

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ARPACO’s contracting services suit any part of the farming industry: their team will fill silobags in any desired location, providing supervision and consultancy, and setting-up operational units as well.

Sajid Ahmad Bodla

“ I believe there is great opportunity for us to modernize our dairy and agricultural practices and this is not possible without availablity of right technology to gain more productivity and efficiency. Our aim is to provide modern agricultural and dairy technology to the framers in Pakistan as per international standards and at the same time make them affordable for farmers. We are hoping to contribute possitively in eliminating the existing dairy and agri problems and to uplift this sector in Pakistan with the joint ventures of developed countries around us. Furthermore, we will continue to seek guidence from farmers in Pakistan who are always an inspiration for me and we will continue to work closely for all the stakeholders in the industry, in order to play our role to bring prosperity to our country.”
Pakistan Zindabad!

Benjamin Gavina
Managing Director

Argentine businessman specializing in silage, grain storage and silobag operations. Focused in cattle breeding and feed-lot fattening. Mr. Gaviña has been doing business in Pakistan since 2013. “From milk to cereals, opportunities in Pakistan arise every day. We want to help dairy farms to increase their silage capacity without investing in a new bunker silo where more than 20% of silage spoils each year. Farmers can now store their production on farm at minimum cost. I believe Pakistan and Argentina have a wide spectrum of possible businesses in line. Agricultural cooperation and know how transfer are the basis of our company.”

Ivan Ivanissevich
H.E. Ambassador of Argentina

“I congratulate ARPACO for its objective to further contribute to strengthening bilateral business links between Argentina and Pakistan. Until the 1990’s Argentine farmers faced the same challenges as Pakistan farmers: lack of efficient storage for their grains and silages. Then they found the concept of silobags as an affordable and flexible way of storing almost any product, from dry grains to fodder and even pulses. Argentina now stores 40 million tons of grain in silobags. 70% of our silage is also bagged. I am sure that ARPACO can significantly contribute to overcoming the current storage deficit of Pakistan farmers.”


We proudly represent two well reputed global companies in the field of silobag farming equipment which are:

IPESA: The silobag Global Market Leader

ARPACO is the sole distributor of IPESA, the global leader in Silobag manufacturing. IPESA produces and sells 60% of the world’s silobags, leading the market in Argentina, United States and Europe.

– IPESA bags have no competitor in quality, stock, product diversity and warranty.
– http://ipesasilo.com.ar

Martinez & Staneck

Holding invention patents for most grain bagging machines, M&S is a leading developer of silobag machinery, exporting to all the silobag destinations in the world.
– The most innovative in it’s field, M&S combines design with a conscious approach to the market circumstances.
– http://martinezystaneck.com.ar

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