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Agro-industrial by-products and crop residues represent a vast animal feed resource, which is largely unexploited in Pakistan, partly due to the lack of storage.

We can help you find new nutritional options for your animals with an efficient system to store by-products. ARPACO silobags can simplify and bring efficiency to alternative feeds.

REDUCE YOUR COSTS: While raising animals, more than 80% of the expenditure is feed. Finding new sources of protein & energy can create new margins for the beef, milk and poultry industry. We can help you store it at a minimum cost, no management problems!

By-products that can be stored in Arpaco Silobags

Cotton seed
Rice Polish

Beet pulp

Fruits and vegetable residues

Wheat bran
Cottonseed cake


Dry fruits

Sugarcane bagasse
Maize husk
Soybean meal

Citrus Pulp

Potatoes and Onions

And many more...

ARPACO Silobags: by-products storage made easy

– Less spoilage risk
– Keeps liquids in a water-proof environment
– No insect proliferation inside the bag
– By-products can be kept for longer periods
– Smaller silage quantities are possible
– Faster confection of silage
– Silobag can be filled next to feeding pit
– Affordable increase feed stocks without fixed investment
– Easy to add by-products to corn or fodder silage

New opportunities in Pakistan

Agro-Industrial By-Products (AIBP) are the important source of protein supply for livestock. In Pakistan, many farmers use beet and sugar cane pulp to make silage later used as animal feed. ARPACO silobag storage system can create new opportunities.

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