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An all-in-one solution for storage

The ARPACO GRAIN & SILAGE BAGGING MACHINE is an all-in-one equipment that can perform 3 types of bagging:

• Dry grains
• Silage and by-products
• High Moisture Content Maize

Versatile – Durable – Easy to use – Single operator needed – Transportable by road – Best option for producers and contractors.

This is the best alternative for the agricultural, livestock and dairy industries. All in one. Make your silobags wherever you need them: in the harvesting field, near to the feeding pit, next to the drying plant or right outside the port.


• Operated by a single person.
• Working capacity: 20/25 Ton/Hr.
• Only 40HP needed: low operative costs with high hourly performance.
• Connection to tractor: PTO shaft transmission.
• Disc Brakes: assure maximum compression and minimum oxygen within the bag.
• Simple transportation: by tractor, car or pick-up.
• Easy to use: any operator driving tractors can easily manage this equipment.
• Low maintenance cost: robust manufacturing avoids repairmen needs.
• High performance: enduring chain system allows more Ton/Hr bagging.


The ARPACO GRAIN & SILAGE BAGGING MACHINE has an auger that pushes the
material inside of the bag and also compacts it by pressing it towards the machine’s tunnel. The weight of the back pushes the machine forward, and then the bag is formed.
Pressure inside of the bag and maximum compaction is achieved with help of the
disc brakes within the bagging machine wheels, which will vacuum almost all air in the bag. By applying the disc brakes on the wheels, you can manually adjust how much silage goes into the bag, ensuring maximum compaction is achieved.

This combination of factors ensures almost all air is removed.

Any air remaining inside is consumed by the breathing process of silage and transformed into carbon dioxide, which stabilize and stops any fungus or insect development. This compaction process has minimum losses of nutrients and mega calories, unlike bunker silos. And more importantly, it doesn’t contaminate the silage with dirt or undesired


Grass conveyor belt: placed on the bagging machine it facilitates the intake of material.

With the same grass kit other materials can be supplied such as: corn gluten, cottonseed, vegetable production discards, peel and pulp of citrus, potatoes peel, grape pomace, sunflower expeller, among other byproducts of the food industry.

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