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Re-engineering storage

Introducing in Pakistan the system that stores grains and forage in a safe, economical and profitable way.

ARPACO Silobags have storing capacities from 80 to 400 ton. To make smaller storages, bag can be cut at any length.

Manufactured by IPESA, the silobag global leader, producing over 60% of silobags used around the world.

Latest technology in silobags

• Made of high quality Polyethylene with 3 layers of ultraviolet filter. Outside layer is white to block the sun rays, and the inner black layer helps to control temperature. ARPACO SILOBAGS are designed to protect the agri products under all weather conditions.
• Thickness from 180 to 250 microns.
• Waterproof and compacted with no air
• Protected from insects and fungus
• Maintains moisture hermetically (anaerobic storage)
• Works with temperatures -20 C to 55 C

Bagging Cost

• ARPACO SILOBAGS bags have a very low cost per ton of stored grain, including bagging and extraction. CONTACT US for more details.

Quality standards

The ARPACO SILOBAGS bags are manufactured under ISO 9001/2000 quality standards, also ensuring the care of the environment through ISO 14001/2004 certification.


• Written for 18 months

Maximum Capacities in 6ft bags (69 meters long)

o Wheat: 90 ton
o Maize: 85 ton

o Full plant maize: 70 ton
o Wet maize grain: 90 ton

CONTACT US for alternative bag sizes

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