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Sell your grains
you want to

Preserve a well-kept silage
that delivers more milk
per animal

Store grains and
silage with zero

Set your tailor-made
logistics chain

Be prepared for any contingency


Our specialists will also provide the following:

• Supervision of silobags, feed-out, and general circumstances
that affect a storage operation.
• Rodent prevention training: how to keep your bags
safe with an active prevention method.
• Train your team to take care of the bags and prepare them
for future storages.
• Our team can work from your establishment and fill as
many bags as necessary.


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Call us if you have any doubts on what can you store, for how long and where, or which bagging machine is best for your operation. Silobags capacity go from 80 to 400 ton, we will help you find the best option according to your volume and space.

Silage analysis – Logistics evaluation – Trading options
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DRY GRAINS STORAGE: We can help you store safer, cheaper and for longer periods of time.

• Assessment on storage lengths, moisture range, places to store.
• Find new business opportunities: store at a low cost, sell off-harvest at high price.
• Ports, traders, millers: find a flexible option to keep floating stocks that adapt to your annual volumes.

SILAGE STORAGE: Leave in our hands the storage of the forage reserves of your establishment, and we will make sure that you always have the food that your nutritionist requires.
We can help you evaluate how efficient is your current silage
operation and assist you in improving it.

• Are you near a sugar or rice mill?

• Having fermentation problems with your road grass silage?
• How can you seize the protein and energetic feeds around you
without taking big storage risks?

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Whether you are a farmer, middleman, miller, stocker or trader, owning silobag equipment will give your operation an unmatched flexibility to store, feed and trade at your own will. We are exclusive dealers of the world leading brands of silo bags and grain bagging

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