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Silobags present an excellent method to store high-quality forage on farms.

• Store at variable moisture levels, which means a much wider range of acceptable weather conditions for harvest.
•  Feed can be removed from bags, eliminating spoilage created by poor face management.
• Fermentation, respiration and seepage losses will be minimized.

ARPACO puts unlimited, low-cost storage capacity where you need it.
Feeding is a key variable of the cost of dairy farms. In a feed system 80% of the expenditure is animal food.
Avoid an expensive bunker silo that looses from 20% to 40% dry matter each year.
Get less waste and better feed at lower cost. Minimizing losses is a critical business (See below how bunker compares to bags)

A solution for silage storage

• Ensile all the fodder you need, without capacity limitations.
• Maintains optimal moisture levels due to hermetic compression.
• Perfect option to ensile fodders, high protein pastures, haylage and more. Easier to ferment materials with low sugar values.
No excessive respiration: chopped material immediately bagged.
No seepage losses: Soluble sugars are contained by the water resistant plastic.
No air: enables faster PH stability, no molds growth.
Easy to control fermentations, with wider moisture differences.
• Provides shorter stabilization time of silo: elimination of residual oxygen and a faster PH descend, getting more quantity and quality of preserved forage.
Less exposed surface means less spoilage, and easier feed-out.
Heat adaptability: with no access to molds and a total sun-block, temperature is stable, avoiding losses.
Minimizes the use of labor and consumes less fuel per silage/tn.
• Prepare different silos to feed different categories or other variables of animals (age, productivity, physiological stage, nutritional requirements, etc.).
• Better feed intake due to superior palatability due to lack of molds and yeasts.

No alfatoxin, no moulds, no insects
Once filled, silage in Silo bags present no risk of aflatoxin, molds or other pest contamination.
The lack of oxygen avoids the growth of insects and other plagues.
It also protects the forage from water and dirt related contaminations.


Less exposed surface, quicker silage confection and total air barrier avoid the losses of bunker silos.


ARPACO Compaction solutions:

Arpaco bagging machine has an auger that compacts the material pushing against the tunnel and removing air by applying pressure with the wheel’s disk brakes. This creates an air vacuum in the bag.

The bag’s dead weight pushes the machine forward forming the tunnel behind it. By regulating the disc brakes on the wheels, you can manually adjust how much silage goes into the bag, ensuring maximum compaction is achieved.

o Enables safe compaction when DM % is too high or too low.
o No tractor compaction: cleaner product with less soil and dirt (and less fuel costs) avoiding Clostridium.
o Better compression when chopping problems occur.



SIZE: a bag can be cut at any size from 100 ton down. 5/25/50/75 ton silobags can be built with no extra cost. The remaining part of the bags can be reutilized later. There is no quantity limit: you can fill as many bags as needed.

Enables silage of pastures in small amounts.

Silage Additives: silo bag silage making simplifies the inclusion of additives while ensiling, with no need of stopping the bagging process.

Logistic improvements:
o Bagged silages can be distributed in different parts of the establishment, to be used by different categories at different times and even in self-consumption (animals can eat directly from the bag).
o Being able to take the silo close to the places where it will be used offers an operational cost advantage.
o It is possible to diagram the location of the silos each year giving the whole system greater elasticity, reduce operating times and costs in the supply of forage.
o Allows quick accurate evaluation of total reserves volume, by only counting the packages.
– Rain: in areas where rainfall is frequent in the silo making period, bag making allows work to be interrupted at any time without the risk of the material getting wet and loose quality.

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