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A silobag is a plastic tube made of a triple layer of thick laminated extruded plastic (polyethylene).

• The two outer layers are white with UV protective coating, to reflect sun energy
• The inner layer in contact with the grain is black, to keep temperature low.
• When fully loaded with grain or silage, they have a long sausage-like tubular shape.
• Bags are filled with the Arpaco Grain & Silage Bagging machine. (link)

INNOVATION: different from classic oxygenized storage, silobags store grain & silage in airtight environments, where oxygen is consumed rapidly by respiration. A rich in carbon dioxide atmosphere is created, which preserves the stored content safe from insects and pests.

Store all crops in one bag


Dry grain: wheat, corn, rice, sorghum and more


By-products: beet pulp, citrus pulp, cottonseed and more.


Hays, seeds, sand and any kind of pellet.


Silage: corn, sugarcane, sor-ghum, wheat, haylage, fodders.


Wet grains: cracked corn, sorghum,earlage and wheat.

A look inside of the bag

1.As the dry grains or silage enter the bag, most oxygen is expelled by the bagging machine filling process, increasing pressure and compaction by activating disk brakes. Lear more about compaction here.
2.Hermetic: Once the bag is sealed, no oxygen will come inside and temperature will not rise.
3. The breathing process of grains, microorganisms and insects, consume the remaining Oxygen (O2) and generate Carbon Dioxide (CO2).



4. This creates a Modified Atmosphere which stops the metabolic process of grains and inhibits the growth and development of molds & insects, creating a natural safe environment for storage.
5. In Silage: anaerobic environment intensifies lactic fermentation and provides a total oxygen barrier that keeps nutritive conditions of ensiled material intact.
6. Any holes or scratchs must be immediately sealed with the provided sealing tape. This is vital to maintain an anaerobic storage (without air) with no losses.

A system proved around the World

Grain bagging has provided the agricultural producers and traders with a powerful storage and logistics tool, enabling the steady growth of grain and silage production minus the inevitable bottlenecks typically experienced in traditional storage. Today, we know that agricultural expansion has no limits, and that storage is determined by the revolution of bagged grain.


Countries that use Silo bag system

ARGENTINA: World Leader in Silo bags

• In Argentina silo bags caused an agricultural revolution: from storing 2 million MT in 1998/99 season, now stores 40 to 50 million ton of grain are stored each year in Argentina.
• 70% of all ensiled material is stored in Silo bags.
• Manufactures 60% of silo bags and equipment used worldwide and exports to 54 countries.

Argentina is the largest user and producer of silobags around the wolrd.
• Brazil stores 20 million MT of grain every year,
• United States stores 15 million MT.




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